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Customers who are willing to hire professionals in cleaning their rugs should search the most reputable rug cleaning companies from the internet where they have designed websites for the customers to order the services from any convenient place. The most experienced rug cleaning service providers offer their quality services at a much lower cost comparing with the health benefits the customer will in have in the end. Lastly, we cannot forget the discounted services that the most affordable rug cleaning service providers avail to their esteemed customers which may also include reduced fees for the rug cleaning services thus encouraging the customers to return for similar services.A Simple Plan For Investigating Rugs

How to Go Down Mountains Safely

I wanted to say something that is going to be on everyone’s mind when they are driving in some parts of the USA and that is going down hills or mountains.

I remember my son coming home from school after we had returned from Germany and asking where the mountains were in Pennsylvania. I told him I didn’t know unless they were talking about the Appalachians. He said “they ain’t mountains. They are hills.” He had skied in the Alps which may have had something to do with that idea.

Depending on where you are in Pennsylvania, and other parts of America, there can be some ‘interesting’ hills to descend in a truck. There are not many ways to go down safely except SLOW!!. I remember being told when I first started out- ‘You only go down a mountain once to fast-you can go down a mountain a million times to slow.’ I like the slow method best.

There are several places, and not just in Pa, that have those interesting signs that say something like “All trucks over 26000 lbs stop and check brakes 2000 feet ahead.” You are reminded again at regular intervals. Don’t for one minute think that car that may be parked on the side of the road can’t be a bear because it can be. You need to stop and get out of your truck and check the brakes. Make sure you have pads on the shoes and make sure there is no blown wheel seal with grease coming down the inside of the tires. Actually, this should have been done when you were doing the pre-trip inspection. Do it again just to make sure.

You need to know your weight, how long the mountain is and the degree of decent. One thing a lot of people don’t understand is what the degree of decent means. If the sign says eight percent (8%) grade for two miles, it means that for every 100 feet of road you are dropping eight (8) feet. That is a pretty steep hill. It also means you will be doing this for 2 miles and that is a long way. Start out at the top of the hill a few miles per hour slower than the sign says. When you hit five miles an hour over the suggested speed ease down on the brakes and slow your vehicle down to five miles under the suggested speed. You should be able to make it down the mountain without smoking your brakes. Always look in the mirrors to make sure you are not smoking. I have seen truck brakes catch on fire because they did not stop when the brakes got hot and started smoking.

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10 Summer Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

It’s summer and you want to get the whole gang together for an outdoor BBQ. Make it special – but keep it easy. Here are 10 ideas to help you reach that goal!

    1. Put it on Wheels. Use utility carts, serving cards or even a garden cart (cleaned and lined with a pretty cloth, of course) for different “courses”. You can have a snack cart with munchies or a dessert cart. The beauty of putting it on wheels is that you can easily move it out when you’re ready – or in if there’s a sudden summer shower.


    1. Battery Operated Candles. If you love the flickering, romantic light of a candle but don’t want to mess with dripping wax or the danger of a little one getting to close to the flame, you with battery operated candles. They come in every size from pillars to tea lights. Use them in centerpieces for a special glow.


    1. Citronella. You’re going to need a few real candles – of the citronella sort. If you live in a bug-prone area (and that’s about everywhere in the summertime), you might want to consider spraying with an outdoor bug spray before the event and then adding citronella in candles, torches or oil lamps to keep those pests away.


    1. Festive Ice Cubes. Raspberries, strawberries, a small triangle of lemon… freeze them in your ice cubes! They’re pretty – they’re fun – they’re good eat. Don’t just rely on your ice maker; get some trays and make keeping drinks cool a statement.


    1. Signature Drinks. This will be easy on your budget and add to the “flavor” of your party. Instead of providing a variety of liquors and mixes. Fix one or two signature drinks – and rename them after your family or the event. Think about cool citrus flavors like a classic daiquiri and experiment to add your own twist. Add some wine and beer into the mix if you desire.


    1. Make a Kiddie Pool. Buy an inexpensive kiddie pool and fill it with ice and children’s beverages. Give them a trip to your childhood by buying old fashioned soft drinks – usually available in warehouse stores, specialty shops or online. The pool makes it easy for the short people in our lives – our children – to see and select their favorite.


    1. Solar Lights. It’s almost as much fun as watching the fireflies come out. String solar lanterns or use solar stakes that will come to life as the sky darkens. After the party, they’ll add a festive touch to your backyard.


    1. A Fire Pit. If it’s going to get chilly or if you’re going with some classic S’mores, you’re going to need fire – plus the chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows.


    1. Water, Water. For the kids (and maybe the adults) if you’re starting when it’s warm enough so no one will get chilled break out the water balloons and maybe even a slip ‘n slide. Don’t forget some classic lawn games like croquet or corn hole.


  1. Inside Comfort. Face it – you’ll have a few guests who really aren’t the outdoor type. Make sure you create an indoors space for them or for anyone who wants to take a break. If you haven’t had your yearly air conditioning service by an air conditioning contractor – do it before you entertain. You don’t want to sweat getting ready and you want your guest to be comfortable if they choose to come indoors.
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5 Ways How Outdoor Adventure Relates To Entrepreneurship

When I first braved myself to embark on the entrepreneurship journey, I was soon facing a daunting question: Do I have the qualities to be an entrepreneur?

I am purely an outdoor educator. There were numerous instances when people told me that this passion of mine will not bring me far. But here I am, until today, staying stubborn passionate with this hobby of mine.

So I did take a step back to analyse if I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. And I found 5 key qualities. Here they are:

1. Decision Making

Being in the outdoors requires me to make decisions. This is especially so when I have a group of participants. There are countless decisions to make before, during and after a programme.

For example, have I sorted out all the contingency plans? Have I brought sufficient food and equipment?

As an entrepreneur, I have to make countless decisions. No one is there to tell you what to do.

2. Risk Taking

I have to be used to take risks in the outdoors. If I do not risk falling, I will not know how high I can climb. If I do not risk making a wrong decision at a junction, I will not know if that is even the correct path to take.

I have started out a few businesses. Some worked while some failed. But still, I will not have known all these if I had not tried.

3. Safety Mindedness

However, people often misunderstand that being a risk taker means that we do not bother about safety. In the outdoors, the safety factor has actually been considered multiple times.

A climbing rope, for example, could withstand about 12 times more than an average climber’s weight. Safety procedures are everywhere. Where there is none, we are taught to make conservative judgement calls.

The very reason why I do not focus only on one single business is based on the wise saying: Do not place ALL your eggs in one basket. There has to be a safety net.

4. Perseverance

This is a classic nature of an outdoor adventurer. We are used to toughing it out. We know that words don’t count without actions. And the effort required is normally superhuman. We are trained to go the distance.

No one ever said being an entrepreneur is easy. It took me 6 months before I made my first dollar. Thankfully I have been trained to persevere.

5. Creativity

Facing problems is a staple diet of an outdoor adventurer. No one day or one activity is the same. Hence, we have to always think outside the box. Speak about being a maverick. I myself am amazed at what I or my participants do to solve problems.

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5 Cool Facts to Know About Garner State Park

Would your ideal vacation spot be a perfect natural haven filled with hiking, canoeing, tubing, geocaching, and even dancing? For many the answer is yes, and each year many outdoor enthusiasts choose Garner State Park as their ideal summer destination. Chock full of numerous nature-based activities, loaded with Mother Nature’s wonders, and highlighting the beauty of The Frio River, this state park could be your prime location for summer outdoor adventures as well. Are you unfamiliar with this amazing state park in Uvalde County? Here are 5 cool facts to know about Garner State Park.

1. Location

This beautiful state park is located in Concan, Texas on the southwestern edge of what is known to be the Edwards Plateau in the Balcones Canyonlands. It was created during the Cretaceous age due to fault line activity. Deep cliffs and mesas define this picturesque canyon land and surround clear rivers and streams perfect for fishing, canoeing, and tubing. The location, although visited by many year after year, remains mostly unchanged by human activity. The natural changes that occur due to weathering, flooding, or plant growth are allowed to constantly redefine the landscape without human intervention.

2. Wildlife

Being that the naturalness of this park is preserved as much as possible, much wildlife live and thrive there. Visitors to the park will frequently spot this wild life around them. Squirrels, raccoons, and white-tailed deer are the most common, but more exotic animals exist there too. Look for Rio Grande turkeys and mourning doves amongst a whole selection of various birds. If you are a bird watcher then you are in for a treat. The golden-cheeked warbler and black-capped vireo, both endangered species, nest in the park from spring until summer.

3. The Frio River

Rising from springs as the West Frio River, it promptly joins 2 other tributaries and flows southeast for 200 miles before draining into the Nueces River. The name Frio means cold in Spanish and this name perfectly describes the fresh cool waters that lure swimmers and campers up and down the length of its banks. This river is given a shout-out in the song, “All my Ex’s live in Texas,” by George Strait who grew up in Frio County.

4. Geocaching

Merge the joys of hiking and exploring with a scavenger hunt and you have geocaching. Hundreds of geocaches are hidden throughout the park and can be found using a GPS device or an app on a smart phone with GPS capabilities. The GPS device tells you how far away a geocache is and you must go off searching for it. They can be hidden in trees, under rocks, or even placed behind signs and landmarks. Often times a geocache will house a log book so you can write in your name and claim victory over that treasure forever.

5. Dancing

Back in the 1940’s during summer evenings, people would gather at the park’s concessions building and host a dance. This tradition has survived to this day and the park hosts dances each evening. They are very popular and require early arrival as they fill up quickly.

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Top 5 Authors Who Inspire Us to Travel

Every list of best travel writers of all time is going to be a little different, and it’s bound to offend diehard fans of excluded or improperly ranked authors. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of great travel writers out there, and their ranks have ballooned in recent years as international travel has become more accessible. Here, I did my best to take a balanced look at classic authors from the distant past, as well as those who emerged more recently and were able to see travel through the eyes of modern wanderers.

We’ll start backwards beginning at #5 and ending with our selection for #1.

5. Paul Theroux

The Peace Corps has helped shape a number of successful travel writers over the years, and Paul Theroux is most definitely one of the greatest and most prolific among them. When Theroux joined the Peace Corps to teach in Malawi in 1963, it was still a still a very new program. He’s written a number of fiction and non-fiction books about travel, but undoubtedly is most well-known for The Great Railway Bazaar. It recounts his own, real life four-month journey from London through Europe and finally ending in the Far East. Theroux’s gift isn’t in his ability to describe places and things so much as it is his ability to capture the people he encounters and their unique personalities as well as cultural tendencies.

4. Eric Newby

There’s plenty of Eric Newby books to choose from, although his best work probably came early on in the form of two legendary real life accounts of his travels in A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush and Love and War in the Apennines. Newby’s writing is aided in large part by some remarkable experiences he had in Afghanistan, as well as modern day Iran and Turkey. His impressive wit and ability to find the humor in even the most trying situations is what sets Newby apart from other travel writers.

3. Peter Hessler

It’s impossible to read Peter Hessler books without recognizing the obvious influence of one his greatest mentors, John McPhee. Also a former member of Peace Corps, Hessler’s most celebrated books are three autobiographical accounts of his time in China. His ability, like McPhee’s, to blend dry and complex history with everyday and often hilarious encounters on his travels makes his books some of the most readable and educational around. Good luck reading just a few pages of the impossible-to-put-down River Town, Oracle Bones, or Country Driving.

2. Mark Twain

Practically the inventor of the modern, brutally honest and unvarnished travelogue, Mark Twain isn’t always recognized for his abilities as a travel writer. However, The Innocents Abroad is one of the most fun laugh-out-loud hilarious real life travel accounts of all time. It chronicles a massive expedition Twain led with a group of American travelers aboard a former Civil War ship through Europe and into the Holy Land. Twain’s smart commentary on the inherent conflict between history and modern world on display seemingly everywhere he goes is classic Twain. The prequel to that book, Roughing It, details Twain’s adventures in the American West prior to his famous “Pleasure Cruise”.

1. Jack Kerouac

It’s practically impossible to keep Jack Kerouac off any list of great travel authors. When people think of travelogues or influential quotations about wanderlust, Kerouac is almost always the first name to come to mind. And deservingly so, his most influential work, On the Road is probably the most quoted travel book by modern day travel bloggers and expats. While other famous travel writers could rely in part on obscure and exotic destinations to keep the attention of readers, Kerouac’s On the Road thrives on his ability to distill the art and form of travel itself. Having died at age 47 from excessive drinking, it’s tempting to wonder what else he might’ve accomplished as a writer in the second half of his life.

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4 Safety Tips While Travelling for Outback Tours

Going out for an outdoor tour often has several aspects to it where most people prefer planning beforehand. The planning includes hotel accommodations, passes to local attractions, booking for local transportation, etc. Apart from that, it involves carrying along necessary requirements such as clothing, medication, guide maps and several other things that may come to use while outdoors. Outback tours are one such outdoor tour that most of us dream of. You not only get to relish delicacies but also get glimpses of the flora and fauna along with the scenic beauty.

If you are being a part of the tours for the first time, it is essential for you to follow a few rules that would help you to have the best experience and thus making you look at things differently.

• Own helpful maps of the places you intend to visit – If it is a land that you have never visited before, the only saviour to help you through would be these route maps. They not only help you with the routes to your destination but often have other details such as the local attractions and how you can get the most out of them. Several tour operators allow you to have a planned itinerary and thus helping you to make the most out of the outback tours.

• Loosen up your schedule – While you move out for such tours keeping your schedule flexible where you may get stranded due to heavy rains or long distance travels from one place to the other. This allows you to not panic and thus enjoying all that you come across to give you pleasurable surprises with every step that you take.

• Take help from a guide – If you have planned your outback tour through a tour operator, you wouldn’t have to search for a tour guide. They would come along as a part of your itinerary. If you plan to travel individually, it is always safe to hire a tour guide who would not only help you accomplish the motto behind your tour and also help you find the choicest places to visit and also the best food that you could relish on. The guides ensure that you are safe and get the most of what you see around you.

• Avoid travelling at night – If you have a schedule fixed for the next destination in your outback tour, avoid night travels. The local people would also suggest you the same. Animals like kangaroos and others are often on the prowl at night and often come out on the road. It would be a distraction to both with at times may lead to a damage to the car and also be fatal for the animal. You could consider an early morning travel which would allow you to have glimpses of the scenic beauty along with reaching the next destination with ease.

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Exploring the Tower of London – What You Need to Know

The Tower of London is one of the most popular London tourist attractions, welcoming millions of visitors through the doors each and every year. The Tower of London was originally called Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London.

This popular tourist attraction is set in the heart of London just on the River Thames boasting spectacular views and open spaces for visitors to enjoy. It is set on an open space, which is named Tower Hill. The Tower of London is an important part of English history dating back to 1066.

In 1078, William the Conqueror built the White Tower, which is actually what gave the Tower of London it’s name. The White Tower still stands today and if you take advantage of the guided tour, you will be sure not to miss it.

What many people don’t realise about the famous Tower of London is that it was used as a prison from 1100 to 1952. Originally built as a Royal residence and Grand Palace, it was a prison for many years made up of several buildings all set over two rings.

What is very interesting is that the Tower of London has been a top London tourist attraction since the Elizabethan times, it is not only now in modern day that visitors from around the world visit the site each year to soak up a little bit of the country’s rich history

One of the reasons the reasons this Tower is so popular with so many people is that it is home to the famous crown jewels, which have been on display in the tower since 1669. There are numerous exhibitions which are available throughout the year, it is definitely worth a visit when in London.

Further, in 2015 alone there were just shy of three million visitors visiting the Tower of London. The tourism industry in London is growing exponentially and over the past few years there has been considerable improvements in percentage for both local and national visitors who are heading to London.

Some of the reasons include the fact it is the Queens 90th birthday and with that there are so many great events taking place throughout the year which visitors are taking advantage of and enjoying. There are concerts, films, celebrations and more. In addition to this, there are great museums and galleries just waiting to be explored and with the London Pass, visitors can gain fast track access to the top attractions including the Tower of London, which has helped it grow into one of the top choices this year.

It is important when planning your London holiday that you have a look at the subway map to identify which areas are going to be the best choice when choosing accommodation. The good news is that London does enjoy the convenience of a excellent and reliable public transport network, so whether you are staying in Mayfair or Canary Wharf, you will be able to get anywhere in London with ease and confidence.

Many of the top London hotels will provide their guests with valuable information on tours and more of the Tower of London along with the benefits of the Oyster Card, for public transport and the London Pass, for the Tower of London. The concierge service will be able to direct and advice you to ensure you have the best London holiday experience.

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Essential Tips For A Budget Traveler

As a frequent traveler I’m well aware of the fact that the biggest fear of frequent travelers is to travel under a strict budget. And no matter how hard you try to stay in the budget you end up spending more than you calculated. So here are my top budget travel tips for you that will help you in spending less and staying under your estimated budget.

Booking Your Flight
When you are planning for a trip always book your flight 30 days before because prices at that time of flights are normal, but as the traveling date comes closer airlines begin to shuffle the prices on different flights. If you want to book a flight for cheap then here is an expert tip from the pros use your free miles to get a ticket for cheaper price.

When it comes to accommodation my suggestion is that you live in apartments, it seems to be an expensive option but trust me it’s not. It is the cheapest of all because you get the kitchen so you can cook your own meals, plus you get a lounge so if traveling with a couple of friends you can party at your own place. On the other hand hotels is also a good option many hotels offer special packages and deals on certain rooms which you will find good and under budget.

Meals And Drinks
According to what I have observed, the most expensive meal is dinner. Lunch is comparatively less expensive in fact, it’s the cheapest meal of the day, as many restaurants want to attract as many customers as possible so they put up deals like spend $15 and get a beer refill free. For dinner you can eat from the food stalls or if you are staying at an apartment then you can cook your own meal. Always try to drink from tap water only in a few countries you shouldn’t drink from the tap, but in many highly developed countries avoid purchasing a water bottle from the store because a single bottle can cost from $5 -$7 and this amount can quickly turn into hundreds of dollars in just a few days.

Free Internet
Trust me don’t use your international roaming you won’t even know where all your money went if you have paid your bill before leaving the country. Instead, if your hotel offers free WIFI then use that or if you are living in a rented place, then purchase a local SIM card and get an internet package activate. Or you can visit a coffee shop order a coffee with a couple of snacks and enjoy the free internet.

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Your Budget Travel Guide

Have you always wanted to travel but feared the thought of spending beyond your means? Well, here is a piece of good news: travel need not be costly. Travelling is not the exclusive turf of those who can afford to pay their way through anything. Whether you are an ordinary office employee, a student or a retiree, you have every right to enjoy the wonders of this world commensurate to your financial capacity. Be your own travel guide!

Deciding to be your own travel guide will help you find resourceful solutions to the endless expenses involved in travelling. Travelling is even more enjoyable when it is not heavy on your pocket. Cheap travelling is a practice that many people are yet to master. Many travellers have been duped by expensive travel guides and travel agents, not knowing that there are actually several ways to lessen the financial challenges.

Here are ways through which you can travel with minimal costs:

1. Find the Most Affordable Hostel

Hostels are relatively cheaper than hotels. Though structurally smaller and more cramped, they offer the same amenities and, at times, the same basic travel comforts as many hotels. If you are looking for free Wi-Fi connection, free breakfast and free airport transfers, most hostels offer these services, too. Others offer free laundry, staff-sponsored parties and a common room where guests can mingle and get to know each other.

The only things you have to put up with are space and, in certain hostels, hygiene. The trick is to do your research beforehand. Read reviews to know what previous guests think. You will have a clear idea of which hostels to consider and which ones to avoid. Lastly, be on the lookout for promos. Hostels occasionally offer discounts and other perks. A dormitory-type may be a lot cheaper, but if you want a cleaner and less topsy-turvy situation (particularly if you are female), then go for an all-girls dormitory. These rooms are usually less crowded and are more comfortable.

2. Walk More

Travelling on a budget means preparing to give up taxis or private cars. What most comfort travellers do not understand, however, is that they are actually spending more for transportation expenses than they are for food, lodging or souvenirs. Some taxi drivers take advantage of tourists, driving them in circles so that they will be forced to pay more than what is necessary. On one hand, if you use your feet more, not only will you be able to test and improve your sense of direction, you can also see and experience interesting spots inaccessible through regular transportation. If you are not sure where to go, then read through blogs, brochures or local magazines. They can serve as your portable travel guide.

3. Adopt a Flexible Itinerary

The worst that you can do to yourself while travelling is to be a stickler for rules. It is important to have an itinerary to keep things in order, but it is much more important to enjoy your trip and have a blast. Give a little room for unexpected adventures. Do not set your return date if you think you need more time to explore a place. Your itinerary may look great, but first-hand suggestions from locals and backpackers are the stuff that make travelling more exciting. Travel guide books and magazines may not have an inkling about these suggested spots, which are usually underrated, less crowded and far more beautiful than many tourist spots made famous by media mileage.

Spontaneity, experiencing culture, discovering uncharted territories and meeting new people – these are just a few reasons why we must travel. Stick to your budget and money will be the least of your consideration.

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